PV Solar Panel System Design

PV Solar Panel System Design

Each house has its own individual set of criteria which need to be taken into account when selecting the most cost-effective PV solar panel system for a house or commercial premises.

Once we have assessed your property and provided you with a number of options in conjunction with computer generated software simulations for these options we give you our recommendations on what we feel is the best fit for your particular circumstances.

Our reputation as being the most experienced and reputable PV solar panel installation company in Ireland has been achieved by only installing the best possible solar solutions for our customers. The factors that contribute to the overall performance of a PV solar panel system are:

Solar Home Install

Roof Orientation:  Ideally panels should be orientated between south east and south west (including due south), but are also quite effective on a roof with an east-west orientation.

The energy requirement of your house:  We always try to install the system best suited to the energy requirement of your home.  This helps us to determine what system is best suited to your needs and the technology that should be installed.



Long term energy requirement:  A correctly designed system will take into account what the long term demographic and lifestyle of the occupants of the home will be.  In most cases, a larger PV system is usually the best choice for the homeowner.  The reason for this is that the power requirement for our homes is set to increase significantly over the coming years as we all adapt to electric powered methods of transportation.  We will help explain and recommend installation options best suited to our customer’s long term requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Irish Engineers love us for what we do and the way we do it.

We are Ireland's Longest Established Solar Panel Company

Solar Home was established in 2005 and has now been exclusively involved in the installation of solar panels for over 15 years. This makes us Ireland’s longest running and most experienced solar panel installation company.

We don’t use subcontractors

We are owner operated, all the work carried out by Solar Home is done by qualified tradesmen who are all employed directly by Solar Home, we never use subcontractors. This guarantees that the tradesmen involved in your installation are working consistently to the highest standards.

European-made solar panels

We made a conscious decision to procure our solar panels from a European manufacturer. We selected a company based in Slovenia for a number of reasons. Our solar panels have a 15 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty. Because our solar panels are made in the EU, the warranties associated with our solar panels are legally binding. The panels are made to premium European manufacturing standards.

We buy direct from the manufacturers

Our business model has always been to buy directly from the manufacturers. Since we have been involved in the solar panel business for 15 years, long before there were ever grants available from SEAI, we were able to agree exclusive rights to the importation of our solar panel components from our suppliers. This guarantees us the best possible buying price for all of our solar panel system components. We pass these savings onto you, the customer, giving you a high quality solar panel system at the most competitive price.

Our solar panel battery storage system is one of the longest established on the market

Initially, whilst looking at the various battery storage manufacturers, we assessed the different companies based on both test studies and quality. We partnered with Alpha ESS in 2017 because of international test results and the components used in both their batteries and inverters. Another important fact about the Alpha ESS products is that the inverter and battery are manufactured by the same company, this means the BMS (Battery Management System) software, which runs the whole system, is the responsibility of one company - Alpha. Additionally they offer free monitoring and software upgrades for the life of each system.

We don’t use salesmen

We don’t use any commission-based sales incentive programs at Solar Home. This means that the system recommended to you by Solar Home is tailored to your specific needs and not the one that gives a sales person a bigger commission. This ensures that you get the best advice, value for money and a PV Solar panel system that best meets your requirements.

Prices over the phone

Due to our experience in the PV solar panel business and our ‘no pressure’ approach to sales, we can chat to you over the phone about your electrical needs and requirements. At the end of a 15 minute conversation we will be able to give you prices for PV solar panel systems that are best suited to your needs. At that point if you want to progress your enquiry further, we can then call to your home to do a FREE, no obligation technical assessment on all aspects of the proposed PV solar panel installation.

Our partners

From great qualifications to buying direct from the factory we have a tight nit professional supply chain.

Grants Available

SEAI Grants Available

It only takes 10 minutes. We do the rest.

Inverters & Batteries

Inverters & Batteries

Advanced turn key lithium battery storage system.


We have the Irish agency for BISOL, a European manufacturer of premium photovoltaic (PV) modules & mounting systems.

Sofar Battery Storage

Soltaro Battery Storage Systems

Store your unused solar power. Instead of returning it to the grid, use it at a time that suits you.