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Site Survey for Solar PV System

Site Survey

As Ireland’s Premier PV Solar Installation company we take pride in all our PV installations
ensuring a professional, efficient and friendly service that is tailored to your needs. When
choosing Solar PV for your property, an essential step is for one of our experienced staff to
visit your property and conduct a site survey

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Solar PV in Headford, Co. Galway

4.82kWp System in Headford, Co. Galway

We were delighted to install a 4.82kWp solar PV system in Headford, Co. Galway. The solar PV system was installed on a flat roof and also on an adjoining garage. In total, this solar PV system had 14 solar PV panels, consisting of two different sized solar PV panels: BMO 310w and BXO 390w. Along with the solar PV panels, we also installed an Alpha ESS 5.7kWh battery storage system for evening time use. This all works in conjunction with the Alpha ESS 5.0kW inverter.

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Is there a grant for solar panels?

Solar Panel Output Battery Storage Grant Available 1 kWp No €900 2 kWp No €1800 2 kWp Yes €2400 3 kWp No €1800 3 kWp Yes €2700 4 kWp Yes €3000 6 kWp Yes €3000 The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) are currently offering home owner grants of up to €3000 for a PV…

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Solar Home Ireland

How Solar Panels Work Step by Step

Typically solar panels perform one of two functions, they are either used to generate hot water for bathing or heating solutions or for the generation of electricity. Both can be used for domestic or commercial use and often both solutions are used on the same building giving the end user the ability to reduce both…

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