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Frequently Asked Questions

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The area of panels fitted to your home is dependent on the average occupancy of the house. We generally install 6m2 considered the maximum area of panel area that should be assigned per person and therefore makes our systems among the most powerful and effective on the market today. (aperture area) for family of four (1.5msq per person). 1.5m2 per person is

We use Bisol Monocrystalline PV Module Panels,  made in the EU and which have excellent low light performance.  European designed Alpha ESS SMILE battery.



Our cylinders are manufactured in the UK.

Yes, these grants are administered by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) under The Warmer Homes Scheme.

The cost of each installation can vary, however it is our policy to give very accurate prices on our products over the phone prior to calling to your home. It has been our experience that if a company is not willing to give estimates over the phone they are hoping to get a high pressure sales person to call and extract a deposit from you during their sales pitch.

Solar Home does not look for holding deposits and if your house is a retro fit we only look for payment after the system is up and running. Beware of companies who look for deposits in advanced of work taking place. There are companies in the market today that use high pressure sales tactics including insisting upon deposits to hold their “specially discounted price” – once you part with this deposit it is almost impossible to get back if you change your mind and go with a company offering better value like Solar Home.

The guidelines recommended by SEAI are between 50ltr and 75ltr per person. Solar panel systems running with 75ltr of water per person offer the best return for the customer giving a larger store of hot water e.g. we would always try to install a 300ltr cylinder for a family of four.

Unlike some of our competitors we only use purpose built and designed solar hot water cylinders made from high quality stainless steel. The insulation quality of our tanks is superior to that of copper cylinders and has a heat loss of <6C/24 hours. So when the solar panels heat the water it remains warm for use whenever required.

This is no problem for us. All we require from you is the estimated area of your home to carry out the required calculations.

We always call to potential customers homes to do an extensive evaluation. We then explain what the installation will entail. This survey is carried out by one of our qualified engineers and is free of charge..

Solar Home has public liability insurance of €6,500,000 and product liability of €6,500,000

Yes a copy of our insurance policy is available upon request.

Unlike our competitors once your system is installed and commissioned we put your installation on our maintenance schedule we call you at the end of 2 years for your free service. We have scheduled maintenance again at the end of 5 years and 7 years, which have a call out and basic service fee of only €80 & €160 respectively.