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Solar Panel Grants

Solar PV (photovoltaic) Grants

Grants of up to €3,800 are available from SEAI.

Energise the future with solar power and avail of grants of up to €3,800 from SEAI.  Reduce your electricity bills whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.  By adding Solar PV panels to your home you will also make an impact on the BER of your home.  A higher BER will add value to your home.  

Solar Home is a registered company & installer for the solar PV scheme with SEAI.  SEAI grants are available to homeowners whose houses were built and occupied before 2011 – providing SEAI has not previously provided support for a solar PV system at that address.  

We will assist you with the application process, giving you all the documentation relating to your installation and submit copies of your documentation electronically to SEAI.


€700 per kWp installed, with a  maximum grant of €1,400 for a system without a battery. 

Eg 7 panels @300watt per panel (2.1kWp).  Grant eligibility €1,400

If you install a battery storage system you are entitled to an additional grant of €1,000 towards the technology. Installation of a solar PV system with a battery makes the home owner eligible for a grant of €700 per kWp of panels installed, up to a maximum of 4kWp and €1,000 grant toward the cost of the battery 

eg 14 panels @300 watts per panel is equal to 4.2kWp, grant of €2,800 for panels and €1,000 grant for the battery.  Total grant of €3,800.

7 PANELS 2.1 kWp €1400
10 PANELS 3.0 kWp €1400
7 PANELS 2.1 kWp €2470
10 PANELS 3.0 kWp €3100
14 PANELS 4.2 kWp €3800
20 PANELS 6.0 kWp €3800