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Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels require very little maintenance. It is important to monitor the performance of your system regularly. Checking your inverter to see that the system is operating correctly and that the energy meter is increasing daily, is basically what needs to be looked at.

We will tell you how much the PV solar panels should generate annually and you should see that your system is generating close to that amount.

The PV panels themselves are robust, but they should be cleaned every few years to maintain their performance.

Solar Panel Repair

Do you have a solar panel system installed and feel that it is not working correctly? There could be a number of reasons for this; from the system not being installed correctly, to the possibility of a defective component. Call us with any questions you may have, and, we can organize an appointment to come out and check what the problem is. Some of the common issues that we have found when repairing other companies solar panel systems are:

Antifreeze leak on the system
Incorrectly specified pressure release valve
Incorrectly sized pressure vessel
Incorrectly specified pressure vessel
Replacement of faulty sensor wires
Replacement of antifreeze
Installation of solar non return valves
Correct reposting of sensor wire
Replace substandard insulation
Re-programming of the solar controller
Seal leaks on joints on the system

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Solar panel systems are usually a pressurised closed loop set up, if the system has dropped in pressure this will need to be re-pressurised.

The flow rate that the system is set at his a large effect on the overall performance of the system. If the flow rates are too fast the system will keep starting and stopping during typical operation, if to slow the liquid will not flow through the panels quickly enough causing the system to overheat prematurely leading to an early shut down while the hot water cylinder still has the potential to heat the water to a higher temperature.

We use accurate test equipment to test the freeze temperature of the antifreeze contained within the solar panel system. We recommend that this is set at -25C to prevent any potential problems with the system during harsh weather conditions.

We use a manometer to check the pressure in the vessel if this has dropped we re-pressurised the vessel. Air Venting: If your system was incorrectly commissioned air will begin to build up within your system this will have an adverse effect on the system performance. In extreme conditions the air will form a large pocket within the system loop causing the system to air lock. If this occurs the system cannot heat the water in the cylinder. As part of our service we vent the system and manually over ride your control panel running the system to check for air pockets